Liquid Oxygen natural wellness and cosmetic products
Energy boost
Improve immune system
Skin hydrated, cleanse
Skin healing, UV protection
Pollution and virus protection
Natural wellness and cosmetic products
Liquid oxygen and 100% natural essential elements
Energy boost
It is well known that our energy is derived from food and oxygen ...
Facial skin rejuvenation
Make up, even night facial creams clog skin pores ...
Improves immunity
Our body is made of two third water that continuoulsy ...
Skin healing and disinfection
Oxygen is a powerful natural ingredient that des-infect and ...
What our experts say…
" I use it several times per day, at the gym and on the road. It keeps me energetic, focus and helps me recover after a physical effort. "
" OXY8 products are crafted with care. Ingredients in our products have gone through a thorough due diligence to ensure that they are of the highest quality, natural, vegan and more. "
Inspired by nature, backed by science, designed by OXY8 London Ltd.
Latest news and reviews
How often should I spray an OXY8 Product
Oxy8 products are composed of ingredients that are highly beneficial in small quantity. The ideal usage is as described on each product packaging. Oxy8 Spray up to 4 times per day on the skin. Oxy8 Mist up to 8 times per day. Furthermore Oxy8 can also be applied on object or food for dis-infection.
OXY8 Products skin benefits
OXY8 products cleanse, rejuvenate the skin and has anti-aging benefits through a process called "mild oxidative stress". Whereas facial creams clog skin pores and prevent them from breathing properly, liquid oxygen has the opposite effect. OXY8 products help with skin conditions and healing.
OXY8 Products versatility
Our body is made of two third water that continuoulsy needs to be oxygenated with fresh active oxygen. Liquid oxygen is naturally produced by our mitochondria's for an healthy body. Unwanted Fungus, bacteria and virus can't survive in a well oxygenated environment.
OXY8 Products and air pollution
Exposure to pollution and air pollution in particular affect our health such as damaging our respiratory tracks, induce hypertension, expose to free radicals. Our body works overtime at the cellular level to compensate for lack of oxygen. Our immune system needs oxygen, the reason why Increase in air pollution is one of the main causes of increase of diabetes, cancer and heart failure. OXY8 products bring oxygen at the cellular level.
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" Very versatile product and easy to carry. I thought I was buying it as an energy boost but then I realised it has many other functions. "
" I had skin rash on the hands after using alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I have switched to OXY8 and after a week of using it my skin is soft, after a month they look younger. "
" I love to use it as a facial spray in the morning to give a boost of oxygen before I apply makeup. My complexion stays fixed and glowing all day. At night after a usual cleansing, I spray again to oxygenate my skin before bed. "
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